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Built for Coaches AND Athletes

No more confusing spreadsheets. Use any device to easily track all details around your team's erg workouts.

Private Teams

All team data and scores are private. Admins of each team must approve all new members.


Quickly analyze how training is going for you and/or your teammates by viewing results over time.


Admins can add workouts to the team calendar allowing athletes to see the workouts upcoming and their personalized targets


Know how your teammates are doing on workouts and analyze them to find their weak spots


Meters Recorded


Workouts Recorded


Active Users


When you select Erg Slayer, you'll receive a dedicated onboarder to help get you set up, and then unlimited 1-on-1 phone and email coaching as you continue to use the system. That's because our goal is to help you run your team as efficiently as possible.

Consolidated Results

Workout results are displayed in a table format, allowing you to view all scores on the same screen and multiple data-points for the scores.

Workout Storage

Easily create workouts and save them in your "workout bank" for use later.

Team Calendar

Add entries from your workout bank to your team-wide calendar.

Roster Management

Control who is on your team and have your roster in one easily-viewed screen.

Simple Result Entry

Coaches and coxswains can easily enter in workouts for all rowers while at practice from their phones.


Graph team-wide and individual results of a specific workout over time.


Allow athletes to tell you when they will miss and run reports on an athlete's attendance record.

Targeted Workouts

Set goals for a team workout and the coaches/coxswains can easily view these goals for each rower before and during practice.


Our pricing is simple and transparent.


– Public Scoring –

You are able to join the public team at any time for FREE! This will always be free but others will be able to see your erg results.


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– Single Member Private Scoring –

All scores are kept private and you unlock all scheduling features.


Try FREE for a month
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– Unlimited Members Private Team –

All scores inside your team are kept private to approved team members. Set a schedule specific to your team.

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